The Other Side of Charm: Your Memoir

H.G. Beverly’s The Other Side of Charm: Your Memoir offers an unparalleled view of intimate life with a psychopath.

Wyatt Sanders is a flannel-wearing charmer who takes Helen Beverly dancing and loves to make dinner for her at midnight. There are nights on a blanket under shooting stars, parties with family and friends that sprawl across the lawn, and long walks on quiet country roads.

Everyone they know praises and celebrates them as a couple; no one suspects that he is a psychopath who will, with marriage, become dangerous. What begins as one woman’s sweetest romance turns into a series of crushing events that devastate her sense of reality. Despite it all, she desperately clings to the ideals she has tried so hard to live by; ideals that are used to tear her apart.

Here is a painfully revealing look at the way our systems support grown-up bullies as well as an honest portrayal of what holds us together when everything we love falls to pieces.

H.G. Beverly is an author and therapist with unique expertise in personality disorders.  Her story is both true and heartbreaking, and it raises questions about failed support systems, alienation, parenting, divorce, trauma, and the limits on recovery when there is no escape.

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